General Design Questions

All of my products are virtual: I create the designs and make them available to you via download.  You then can print these designs wherever your heart desires!  I can always offer you my preferred printers whom I have worked with if you are unsure of where to print.

For an additional fee, I can also mail you a CD of your designs – always good for safekeeping and/or backup!

I can offer you suggestions of where you can get the designs printed.  For example, I prefer to use because they have great prices and print everything.

If you do know where you plan to print, please let me know!  Oftentimes, printers have specific templates required for printing to accommodate for bleed lines and margins.  I can design tailored to these templates to ensure the best print outcome possible.

Yes and no, it depends on what you are editing.  It will be outlined in your contract what is editable in your design.  For example:

Okay to edit: size/scale of design to fit print areas or products, etc.

Not okay to edit: changing the color, text, or any design aspect.

Don’t worry: to take away any guess-work, I always ensure to list what is and is not editable. 🙂

I’m confident I can! 🙂  There are several things I have designed or am able to design that I have not listed.  Simply ask and we’ll start a discussion in hopes of achieving your vision!
My designs are custom-made to fit your vision: ever found yourself shopping around for something and never able to find exactly what you’re looking for?  Look no further and have something custom-made by me!

Also, my designs are extremely versatile: reprint over and over, there’s never any limit; scale the design bigger and smaller, sky’s the limit.  You have complete control over the look and use of your design, and can last you forever.

If it is as simple as inserting your logo into the website, product, and etc. — yes!

However, please note that if you are requesting edits or changes be made to your logo, you must receive permission from the original logo designer. This is in accordance of Copyright Law.


Website Design Questions

Unless otherwise requested, I primarily use the WordPress platform to build my websites. WordPress offers an easy-to-use CMS (content management system) that makes it simple for you, the client, to update and edit your website. It allows for endless possibilities in website creation as well, from business pages to storefront shops!
Not at all! The beauty of using the WordPress CMS is that everything is point-and-click ready. Also, I am always available for any help you may need. Please note that depending on the help requested, extent of work, and the terms of your contract, my hourly rate may be incurred.
I am always available for hire by my hourly rate to conduct any changes that you request. Simple changes such as page content (text), blog posts and the like, can be done by you, the client. Changes to design, site structure, and etc. should always be done by myself, the designer. Your contract will detail any further terms regarding site editing and design rights, terms, and conditions.


Ordering Questions

Please visit my Contact page and send me a message! Whether you are ready to order or simply requesting more information, this will start the conversation toward getting your design going.
Firstly, take a look at my portfolio to see past work I have done. Make sure you like what you see!

Secondly, I ensure I ask you several questions about what you are envisioning, request examples of things you have seen and liked, and after that is said and done, offer you design proofs and edits with your services to make sure we get it right.

Lastly, it is my goal to make my clients happy. If there is an issue, I will work to rectify what you do not like about your service.

Due to the non-tangible, digital, and virtual nature of my work, unfortunately, refunds cannot be given. However, rest assured that I strive to make every client happy, and will undoubtedly do my best to rectify what you do not like about your service.