Helping people and creating beautiful things – MotoMeta’s motto!  In the early 2000s, what started as an infatuation with building simple websites has turned into a passion for designing, development, and helping businesses grow.  For over a decade, I have taught myself the fundamentals in the areas of web development, branding and marketing as well as pursued higher education in the appropriate fields.  A combination of college courses and my own personal drive to keep up with the ever-changing web coding core, has helped me develop an advanced set of skills that will set my clients apart from the competition.
I’m dedicated to building your vision!

Kristina is a wife, mother of three, and full time student.

Previously an IT worker, Kristina has since invested herself solely into her Creative Business.  Her ambition is to implement her web and computer skills with a future degree in early childhood education. Her love for children, teaching, and fostering learning aided in her decision to disembark from the IT path she originally followed and set sights on becoming an elementary and secondary school teacher.

Philanthropic work has always been a passion of Kristina’s and can account for approximately one-third of her portfolio.

Web design confusing?  Marketing a hassle?  Branding a bore?  Leave it to me!


Available for Hire!

I am currently accepting new clients and new projects, big or small! Let's start discussions for your new web presence, brand, and marketing materials!


Web Design


Associate degree in Applied Science with a focus in Web Development

Bachelor degree courses in Information Technology and Security

Bachelor degree courses in Web Development

Kristina plans to continue her education in Early Childhood Education,
beginning in the Fall of 2014